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Raptor 1 MilSim: A Look Back at 2013

February 15, 2014 in Video Gallery by raptor1milsim

As 2014 marches steadily forward, we wanted to take a moment to reflect back on 2013 and all the amazing opportunities it presented. Enjoying our 5th year as a nationally recognized team, Raptor 1 MilSim Team celebrated in grand style attending no less than 8 national events in addition to numerous state and local games. 2013 also saw an unprecedented number of new members joining the ranks of Raptor 1 MilSim Team. And finally, Raptor 1 MilSim Team was both honored and extremely fortunate to have been sponsored by two giants in the industry; Stampede Airsoft and HSGI.

Looking ahead to 2014, one thing is certain, whatever challenges are thrown our way, Raptor 1 MilSim Team will aggressively and defiantly meet each and every one of them with honor, integrity, and yes…debauchery.

Operation Irene XI Video Trailer

November 12, 2013 in Video Gallery by raptor1milsim

All action view from the helmet cameras of the Raptor train during OLCMSS’ Operation Irene XI celebrating the 20th anniversary of Operation Gothic Serpent. 12 members of Raptor 1 MilSim Team participated as Delta Platoon 3rd Squad under the leadership of MSG. Max Mullen. Operation Irene XI was hosted at the world famous Zussman MOUT facility at Ft. Knox, KY.

Raptor 1 MilSim Team Participating in Night OPS, July 20, 2013

July 11, 2013 in Events by raptor1milsim

Night OPS, July 20, 2013
On July 20, 2013, Raptor 1 MilSim Team will travel to Xtreme Kombat in Durham North Carolina, to participate in the second installment of the on-going series Night OPS, being put on by TAG Operations. Objective and mission driven, Night OPS promises to be anything but typical, and not for the faint of heart…

TAG Operations has specifically designed Night OPS to thwart typical shortcomings, and exceed expectations of other night-time scenarios. The entire event spans 5 hours with minimal or no downtime. Missions will be run throughout the entire event, and even if a mission is completed early, the task becomes harassing and antagonizing the opposing team. There will be clear objectives with a direct line of communications with the admin, who will be acting as Operations Command, giving teams intel, as well as mission specifics. In addition to the constant objectives and missions, the field itself presents it’s own unique set of challenges. Featuring crowded urban environments, open fields, and dense wooded areas, mission strategies will undoubtedly change on the fly, offering everything from slow-paced patrols to chaotic building clearings.

TAG OperationsTAG Operations pride themselves on thinking outside the box and presenting challenging, and anything other than typical scenarios, all with a sandbox feel. Written into each operation, is the freedom of every team to visualize each objective, and decide how best to execute any given mission, whether it be vehicle take-down, POW rescue, bomb diffusal, supply retrieval…and more.

TAG Operations spared no expense to provide the most realistic and exciting props, personnel, and pyrotechnics. Teams will interact with custom-built, fully functional props, most of which have never been utilized before. Throw in role players and having to deal with the deadly OPFOR, and you have the makings of a night operation that won’t soon be forgotten.

For more information, or to register, go to, or the TAG Operations event page.

Must be at least 16 or older to participate. NO exceptions.

Xtreme Combat Warfare Center

Ballahack Airsoft – June 25, 2013

May 29, 2013 in After Action Reports by raptor1milsim

Raptor 1 MilSim Team at Ballahack Airsoft

Topic: Ballahack Airsoft Field


Ballahack AirsoftOverall, Ballahack Airsoft field is one of the best airsoft fields I’ve been to. The field itself is very well designed and includes bunkers, barriers, abandoned vehicles, surface-to-air missile sites, a city, swamps, and heavily wooded areas. Likewise, the registration area is thoughtfully laid out with on-site battery chargers, benches for equipment and gear, tactical gear for sale, and yes, even food. It was immediately clear to Raptor 1 MilSim Team that Ballahack Airsoft is very serious about providing the best possible experience for the airsoft enthusiast. Ballahack Airsoft is definitely a field Raptor 1 MilSim Team would love to hold a RAPTAC event at, but only with the full cooperation and support of Ballahack Airsoft. Either way, Raptor 1 MilSim Team will continue traveling to the field for weekend games, as well as on-site taining.


Given it’s location, (Midway between the North Carolina and Maryland chapters), Raptor 1 MilSim Team utilizes Ballahack Airsoft as it’s training site. Not only does the field afford the team an opportunity to train, but to camp, and play throughout the entire weekend.

Topic: Camping


Raptor 1  MilSim Team at Ballahack AirsoftChris and the rest of the staff at Ballahack Airsoft were very accommodating when it came to allowing Raptor 1 MilSim Team to camp on-site during the weekend. The area they allowed us to stay on came complete with campfire setup and plenty of room for everyone. The pond at the field is stocked with bass, and the staff had no problem with the team getting a line wet after everyone left the field.


Continue allowing teams to stay on-site; bring water…and a fishing pole!

Topic: Game Briefings


The game briefings at Ballahack Airsoft are not to be missed. The staff does not run simple attack and defend games. The games are varied, but all had minor details that were significant to each individual game they ran. An example was a game on Saturday that revolved around rescuing a pilot and escorting him to a landing zone for extraction. The extraction also included the entire team, so once the team had attacked and seized the town, the refs instructed everyone to pull out. This confused about half the team we were on because they had no clue what the scenario was, and did not want to give up the ground they had just won. Eventually the refs explained what was going on, which led to everyone leaving the town for the extraction point, and the conclusion of the game.


Do not miss the game briefings; it just ruins the game play for everyone else when you aren’t aware of what’s going on. Hold the briefings on the field, and close the field to walk-ons until the game is over. This forces players to be ready on time, or sit out until the current game is over.

Topic: The City


Raptor 1 MilSim at Ballahack AirsoftBallahack Airsoft features a well-constructed city for urban game play. The games that took place in the city were very intense and fun to play. At times, the staff would limit the urban areas to just the lower floors of the structures in an attempt to limit a team from dominating a building that would otherwise be very difficult to assault.


Having to clear a well-fortified target would be difficult, but not impossible. Facing difficult scenarios like that is what playing airsoft is all about. Limiting the use of two and three story structures took away some of the dynamic situations that the field provides.

Topic: Chaos Game


Raptor 1 MilSim Team at Ballahack AirsoftThe Ballahack Airsoft staff runs a game in which teams are divided into 10 – 15 man groups and sent to random sections of the field prior to start. Once the game is on, teams attack each other until they’re hit. Once hit, the opposing side can medic that person, and that person now becomes a member of the other team. This continues until everyone is consolidated into one team. The problem that we ran into on the field is that it became too hard to distinguish between friend or foe. the staff encouraged each team to develop a challenge and pass for each group that would identify you as friend or enemy, but once again, due to players not paying attention to game briefings or showing up late, multiple players on several different occasions had no idea what side they were on, leading to many blue on blue incidents.


Provide each team with different colored tape to wrap around players arms that have been successfully medic’ed, and added o the team.

Topic: Barrels Game


Ballahack Airsoft staff runs a game in which blue barrels are placed at opposing ends of the field. The goal is to get to the opposing teams barrel and knock it over, which ends the match. Both times we played the barrel game it was held in the city with teams switching sides after each match.


This was one of the better games that we played due to the fact it was held in the city, and the sheer intensity of the plastic being slung in such a confined area. Keep it up!

Raptor 1 MilSim Team and Stampede Airsoft

May 23, 2013 in Our Partners by raptor1milsim

Raptor 1 MilSim Team Partners with Stampede Airsoft
Raptor 1 MilSim Team is proud to announce it’s partnership with Stampede Airsoft, LLC of New Port Richey Florida. Owned and operated by Troy and Chele Pfost, Stampede Airsoft was started in 2011 with the sole intent of building an honorable and solid airsoft support business, to carry only quality brands, and to support those who support not only Stampede Airsoft, but the sport in general. To say that Troy and Chele are “passionate about what they do” is a gross understatement. Not only do they have an emerging business in Stampede Airsoft, they also have a team, a field, and most importantly, a deep-seeded love for both the sport and the players that transcends their daily business routine.

Stampede AirsoftMoving forward, Stampede Airsoft will continue to grow their already reputable product lines, promise to never stop learning, and remain 100% committed to providing the best service and support to the players and teams they serve. From parts and service of AEG’s, to PTW’s, to PolarStars…Stampede Airsoft’s repairs and modifications are second to none. Extreme care and attention to detail are taken with every gun they service.

Admittedly, Stampede Airsoft isn’t as big as other outfits, but from what Raptor 1 MilSim Team has experienced so far…their hearts are bigger!

Stampede Airsoft

Stampede Airsoft, LLC

6811 Industrial Avenue
Port Richey, Florida 34668
(727) 807-3390

6th Annual 6mm Militia Sniper Competition

May 8, 2013 in Events by raptor1milsim

6mm Militia Sniper Competition

Announcing the 6th Annual 6mm Militia Sniper Competition! The country’s oldest MilSim Sniper Competition. This year we have some new twists and have expanded our competitor team size to 4 members. This change in size reflects the current change in sniper doctrine to reflect operations in OIF and OEF, plus it gives you more team mates to help you secure more points. Teams may consist of 2 Bolt Action/Semi Automatic Snipers, 1 Rifleman, and 1 Support Gunner/Rifleman. If your team does not have a Support Gunner, a Rifleman can fill that role.

With more competitors comes more work to provide you with a quality event. 6mm Militia is proud to partner up with RAPTAC and Gunny’s Warfare Center to provide you a competent event staff and a class A MilSim event!

The competition will be held at Gunny’s Warfare Center on Saturday June 22nd, 2013. Check in time will be 08:00 and preregistration will end on Friday May 31st 2013 at midnight. Team entry fee is $160 total, $40 per contestant. Make one Paypal payment per team to with a list of names and email addresses for each contestant.

For more information, click here.

Red Storm East II Video Trailer in HD

May 7, 2013 in Video Gallery by raptor1milsim

Trailer for our upcoming full-length video filmed at Operation Red Storm East II, hosted by OLCMSS. (Best viewed in HD). 22 members of Raptor 1 MilSim team from both North Carolina and Maryland chapters participated in this, the most intense CQC battle of 2013!
Visit often, or subscribe to the Raptor 1 MilSim YouTube channel for the full video release coming soon.

Operation Red Storm East II – April 26-28, 2013

April 15, 2013 in Events by raptor1milsim

Red Storm East II
Women…hide your children. Men…hide your women. For Raptor 1 MilSim Team is gearing up for Operation Red Storm East II in Scranton Pennsylvania. Another great operation presented by Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series, the event will run April 26th through the 28th.
Under the command of legendary Army Ranger MSG “Mad Max” Mullen, Raptor 1 MilSim Team is looking forward to bringing our particular brand of military expertise, an unwavering determination to succeed, and of course, a little debauchery to Task Force Eagle.

Follow us on Twitter @Raptor1MilSim beginning Thursday, April 25th as we travel to Scranton and onto the battlefield for what is shaping up to be a battle of epic proportions… Launches New Site

April 1, 2013 in General News by raptor1milsim

Raptor 1 MilSim TeamFinally. After weeks of limbo in cyberspace, has found a new home. Obviously we’re in the early stages of rebuilding, but we invite you to check back often, as we’ll be adding new and exciting content almost daily.
New features of will include RSS feeds, new and improved photo and video galleries, and an interactive home-page highlighting team information, upcoming events, and general news as it relates to our sport.

Honor. Integrity. Debauchery.